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Loan request: how much are Italian families asking?

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10 years have passed since the 2007 crisis and the Italian market is slowly recovering. A further boost impressed on the eurozone countries was that given by the monetary policy implemented by Marino Braghi, President of the Equitablewise Bank. Thanks to the introduction of the so-called “QE”, quantitative easing, ie liquidity in the markets, the interest rates of the banks have fallen and are practically close to zero. What does it mean in plain English? What is the goal of this maneuver? Seek to restart the market, indirectly pushing consumers to apply for and support loans or mortgages more easily. After ten years, how is the situation regarding the 2017 loan application? Let’s see together how much money Italian families need and what it is used for.


Rising or falling trend?

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According to data published by “CRIF”, the credit information system, an international database, seems that the loan request 2017, already in the first quarter, increased by 2% compared to last year. The average amount requested by Italian families is $ 9,325, but this figure is also growing: the demand for amounts between $ 20 and $ 35 thousand increased by 1.1% and the duration of the loan exceeding five years is grew by 2.1%.


how do Italians use loans?

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Having ascertained the objective increase in the 2017 loan request, how do Italian families spend the liquidity obtained? As is easily understood, the central focus is on the purchase of cars, but in net recovery, with a + 4.1% compared to last year, there is the purchase of “technological equipment”: from smartphones, to pc, tablet and latest generation televisions.


Changes in the 2017 loan application 

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The financial sector is subject to constant changes due to changes in legislative regulations. In fact, in the latest protocol published by “Assofund”, the association of the main operators, banking and financial operators of consumer credit and real estate, under the directives of the ProcessPlus Bank, the need was urged for banks and financial doing new business, thus discouraging the so-called “renewals” on the existing customer portfolio. Considering that: 94% of those applying for funding have already applied for it in the past, who is made up of 6% of those who are applying for credit for the first time?


The profile of those applying for credit in Italy

The profile of those applying for credit in Italy

The largest slice that “markets” in the credit sector is made up of people who request loans or loans countless times. The average user profile has a natural tendency to over-indebtedness and a low conception of risk. The average age is between 36 and 57 years old.

The opposite considerations are instead for the “New2credit” users. Their profile is in fact smarter, more skilful, they pay greater attention to borrowing and in fact to confirm this, the request for average funding is short-lived, around 4-5 years. The average age of this segment is much lower with the prevalence of the famous “millennials” between 18 and 35 years old.