Credit cards: what conditions to obtain them?

credit cards

Are you looking to get a credit card? Whether it’s replacing your current credit card or getting a new one alternatively, the basic conditions are in principle the same for all customers. Let’s see the main ones.

The decision whether or not to accept a credit card request depends primarily on the creditworthiness of the applicant.


Basic conditions

credit cards

Even before carrying out a study on the solvency of the applicant, the bodies in charge verify that the basic conditions are filled. In particular:

  • Professional situation of the applicant: if the latter is unemployed, the request will be automatically refused unless he has declared a net fortune of over 250,000 dollars.
  • Precepts in progress: if the applicant has precepts in progress, even for very low amounts, he will have to pay them obligatorily before he can obtain a credit card.
  • Age: minors cannot get a credit card, but it is possible to request a prepaid card.


Solvency and integrity study

Solvency and integrity study

If the applicant is not unemployed, the issuing body then carries out a solvency study. In general it is a question of deciding whether the credit card conditions are met. In particular, the following are examined:

  • Financial situation (good repute): are there any negative codes to the ZEK? Are they recent?
  • Available income: is there enough budget to release a card?
  • Personal situation: how old is the applicant? Are you addicted? Free professionist? Do you have dependent children?

Generally, it is the solvency study that determines whether the credit card conditions are filled, but not only: this will also determine the threshold of the ceiling.


Credit card ceiling

Credit card ceiling

If all these conditions are met, the request will be accepted. Furthermore, depending on the solvency and integrity, a more or less important ceiling will be proposed. The latter corresponds to the credit card limit. The applicant can then either accept the proposed ceiling or request a lower limit.

It should be noted that all entities offering Visa / Mastercard credit cards do not have the same conditions regarding the proposed ceiling. Indeed, some solutions, such as those proposed on Multicrédit, very often allow higher ceilings to be obtained. In case of doubt, it is always possible to make a request and check the proposed conditions before committing.


The alternatives: the prepay card

credit card

In case of impossibility or refusal to obtain a “traditional” credit card, there is always the possibility of obtaining an alternative such as the “prepaid”, a type of credit card accessible to everyone. Unlike the “traditional” solution, the latter payment solution must be loaded in advance before it can be used.