Data encryption is essential for protecting your company’s information. Make sure you are using the best encryption program possible for your company by considering each of this key attributes. Encrypting the information on credit cards, debit cards, and all types of financial information is the only way to safeguard the identity of the people that own the accounts.

One method of data encryption is known as hashing encryption. This is likely the first type of encrypting that was done to protect the information on credit cards. Hashing creates a fixed length signature using an algorithm. One of the reasons that hashing is so good at keeping information private is because a minor change in the message that is being transmitted will cause major changes in the way the hashes appear. This method quickly alerts you to the possibility of tampering.

There are two other basic data encryption methods used and hashing is different from them because once the information is encrypted with hashing there is no way to reverse the encryption. Two of the most frequently used hashing algorithms are the Message Digest 5 and the SHA or secure hashing algorithm.

There are three types of cryptographic message transmission that are used heavily. The advanced encryption standard, the international data encryption algorithm, and the data encryption standard are the three most frequently used of the symmetric methods, but the symmetric methods allow you to stream the message or encrypt blocks of the message at a time.

Asymmetric cryptography sounds at first like it would be less secure than symmetric cryptography because asymmetric cryptography has a public key that is freely available to anyone. Asymmetric cryptography is more secure than symmetric cryptography because it requires two keys for the message to be sent and then read.

The public key allows anyone to send the message in code, but you are required to have a private personal key to decipher the coded message. RSA and Diffie-Hellman are two examples of algorithms that use the asymmetric cryptography to send information that is sensitive.

Finding The Best data Encryption Software for Your Company

Once you have determined that encrypted files are the only way to keep your company’s information safe, you will need to start searching for the right software. There are several key attributes to look for in a software program.

Easy Deployment– Make sure the encryption programs you are installing for your company’s computers are easy to install and use. However, don’t confuse the word ‘easy’ with ‘no work.’ Even the simplest programs take some knowledge and training to install.

Security– The whole point of an encryption program is to protect your data, so make sure the software you choose for your company offers more than just simple and standard protection. Find a program that offers more, like pre-boot authentication that secures and locks down your computer or mobile device when the hard drive is powered up by an unauthorized user. Also, check for the ability to use cryptographic erase, which will permanently delete your files in seconds if your device is stolen or lost.

Portability- In today’s world, great encryption software will not only work on your desktop PC, but can also be used for mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, USBs, and PDAs. Check to make sure your encrypted files will be available to you, no matter where you are.

Password Management– Users should be able to change their passwords without having to report to an administrator. Find encryption programs that offer easy-to-use password reset choices for your employees.

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